As part of our 2020 event, we worked closely with The People’s Picture to create an interactive galaxy of artwork…

Every picture tells a story…

North Star: a People’s Picture’ has created an interactive artwork aiming to bring people together to celebrate a love of science and the great minds who have charted a course through innovation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. Thank you to everyone who took part! The final piece has been revealed at the North Star Event in December and can be explored here

North Star are leading the way to bring communities together from across the region by celebrating a love of science with an interactive galaxy. Science is everywhere – from the moment the sun rises, right through to the stars in the night sky. It inspires, helps save lives, challenges us and educates which is why it’s important we celebrate science itself and the brilliant minds behind it whenever we can.


The art project is running ahead of the North Star, a Science Summer School event later this year in Rotherham. The event is part of the Professor Brian Cox’s Science Summer School which was started in partnership with Lord Andrew Mawson.